Today’s Modern Writing Bureaus

Writing bureaus have were once part of the furniture of the well planned out bedroom. In the 19th century these bureaus became quite ornate with intricate carvings and legs. The bureaus were made out of the best hardwoods including mahogany.

Writing bureaus came in several styles. One common style looked very much like a dresser. What made it different was that the writing bureau had small drawers on top for storing correspondence and a pull down top to use as a desk top for writing. On some models the writing surface was pulled out of the dresser and pushed back in when done. The other common model for a writing bureau looked more like a fold-up desk. Without drawers on the bottom, a chair could be positioned under the bureau for the writer to use. The writing table was pulled out or opened up from a pull down top. These bureaus often had pigeon hole slots for correspondence rather than drawers on the upper levels. Some had a few small drawers to hold supplies or private letters.

The useful writing bureau, forgotten by some, is still made by some of the best furniture manufacturers. Today’s writing bureaus are made out of oak or pine. They can be found in both the desk or dresser styles. A few models even show the ornate carving of earlier models. These writing bureaus are still practical in a bedroom and can easily handle today’s mail and writing needs. They make good study desks for a student’s room. The desk type of writing bureau should be able to handle a modern desk top or laptop easily. These writing bureaus can also double as a storage which is a help in a small home or even a school dormitory room. For a selection of writing bureau made from oak, pine and mahogany wood see