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The word "bureau" is French for what we call in the UK a writing desk or simply a desk. We still use the word bureau today to describe a more specific type of writing desk. The bureau is commonly made from pine, oak or walnut wood, however in the past they were often made from other woods such as mahogany and teak.


Bureaus generally have an antique or old and worn style even today as they were common during the early part of the century. The bureau style also differs from a standard writing desk in that it has a flap door that comes down to open up and also act as a table surface. With the bureaus flap door down this also reveals a multitude of storage areas and small drawers for paper, pens, envelopes, inks and more. Below the writing surface and flap door is usually 3 to 5 drawers, these were used for larger items such as notepads, paper and other storage. Nowadays the bureaus drawers are used for more general storage such as wrapping paper and photo albums.


pine bureau
oak bureau


The writing bureau still has a significant role to play as a piece of furniture in the everyday home however most people are more familiar with a simple writing desk. The bureau adds a little extra style and class to a home and can often be more of a feature in the living room than a piece of furniture.


For simplistic styling in your home a pine bureau is recommended, these bureaus are cheap compared to other wooden bureaus such as oak and walnut. They are also lighter in weight making moving easier and being made from pine usually suit most peoples furniture collection already.


For a more unique, eye catching and antique looking bureau an oak bureau or walnut bureau is best. These are built from solid oak wood or walnut wood and giving a more authentic look with antique finishes and wood stains. Quality is put into these pieces of furniture and therefore they are typically more expensive.


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